Meet the team

Our dedicated team is the key to our success, combined with our pool of free-lance video engineers

Jo Pauly

Jo Pauly
Managing Director / Mediaserver-live-video Programmer/Operator/ Production Manager

Active in the AV industry since the age of 13. As a trainee at Aed Rent, as a video technician with Renting & Development, Technical Advisor and Project Manager at CanDo, Project Manager at Procon Event Engineering before developing the video department and working as Production Manager at EML Productions/PRG.
Since 2013, he started on a Free-lance basis with Visual-Solutions, always in for a new or exciting experience.
Jo has been project manager or chief engineer on some very large international shows, events, fairs, concerts,…
As a team-player, no knowledge will remain at the hands of a single person. Sharing knowledge is key! Passionate about projection, operating, mediaservers, complicated video setups, LED, multicamera, interactivity, new technologies!
He is also a dedicated d3 operator with a lot of experience and a certified d3 trainer!

Sander De Schrijver

Sander De Schrijver
Project Engineer / Mediaserver Operator / Video Engineer

Sander De Schrijver is our senior project engineer. Sander has known  Jo from the time he has worked as a freelancer for Procon, EML-Productions and PRG.

When Sander moved to XL Video, his knowledge and skills were even more boosted and he became a very skilled d3 and E2 operator. On top of this, he has got great 3D capabilities! Drawing and modeling are what he likes to do in his time off! Now Sander has joined the dynamic team of Visual Solutions and we know he can be an added value to your shows!

With his good sense of humour and ability to only see solutions, you will always be in good hands with Sander!

Sander is also a true family man and never refuses something good to eat! You will certainly meet Sander on one of our productions!

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Good to know

Just a quick pick of some of our skills and services we can offer to you are highlighted on our home page.
Whether your project starts from scratch or already has got the design, we are your partner to help you fill in all video related technical blanks.
On top of that we are straightforward – highly dynamic – communicative – positive – team-players :-)
Our teams are VCA-Certified & BA-5 for electricity.

Our Teams in action:

  • G20 alignment done!
  • 2014-09-15 21.25.11
  • jo encore
  • The operators
  • tim is measuring
  • PPL backstage
  • PPL04 server city
  • PPL04 Backstage server city
  • happy after a great show in Seoul!
  • Los desperados in rosso
  • Wysiwyg, ascender and d3
  • 2015-10-20 16.50.38-2
  • alignment Seoul
  • system engineer in action
  • Brioni the team
  • Olaya Tower the team
  • Olaya tower-the team
  • Olaya tower-the team
  • Olaya tower-the team
  • jimmy-anthony
  • Icarus measuring
  • And If we did it different?
  • Jo hypnotising a watchout server
  • Siel and Tim looking at some birds
  • Dave & Jo freezing in Saudi Air conditioning
  • Carlo & Jo ready for Borsato Show
  • Carlo & Jo ready for Borsato Show
  • Zaenen and Leon hook Hah
  • los desperados in polonaisos
  • los desperados in polonaisos
  • high and dry
  • our teams
  • our teams
  • our teams
  • our teams
  • our teams
  • our teams
  • our teams
  • our teams
  • our teams
  •  magical trio