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What is Visual Solutions?

What started out from one video engineer, is nowadays a team of highly qualified and trained video engineers and operators with all over 15-20 years of experience.

Operating: We are keen on operating all (live or virtual) shows from complicated to very complicated. If you want your show to be stressless, let us handle it! That’s exactly what we do! Even if it’s simple, but it needs to be spot-on, we’re your choice!

Production/Engineering: We find the right solution for your show and your client.
Price/Quality balancing is one of our key features.
We work towards your goal together with you!
Once we have the final concept, we provide you with drawings, your guide to the right equipment, crew, operators and whatever you’d need for your show.

We work together with all large AV Companies worldwide.
We have the connections, you just need us, to hook YOU up with them…
We differ by giving you a PERSONAL service in a small environment, dedicated contacts and face-to-face project management.
Don’t hesitate to contact us here for further inquiries.

Operating your show
Video project management
Crew services for your show
Visualisation of your show
New technologies

Engineering Services

“Visual Solutions’ core business is producing your show. We help you figure out the right video equipment and crew for your show. Not to mention that we will be there all the way from pre-production till the end of the show. Our Video Production Managers and Engineers are highly skilled, speak multiple languages and are very flexible.”

Video Operators

“Whether it’s a complicated multi-screen setup with LED or projection, object-or people-tracking with Blacktrax or a large mediaserver setup, Visual Solutions gives you the right operator for each show. Our teams are dedicated operators on d3 mediaservers, use Notch, Barco E2, and are very skilled in virtual events setups, … We choose the right equipment for each type of job!”

Video Consulting

“Times have never been more thrilling since the evolution to colour television! Our visual industry goes fast as lightning! Visual Solutions provides you, your team or your clients with the right video information. What would be the right product to achieve your goals or to obtain the best/price oriented visual result.
Our experienced team enjoys sharing its knowledge!
There is a solution to any visual problem as long as you want to see the bigger picture!”